The Story of Jesus and His Love

I have always enjoyed a good love story. I remember going to the theater in elementary school to see a re-release of Snow White. From that day on, I looked in eager anticipation for the day when my prince would come. I still have the Prince Charming figurine from my birthday cake that year! I swooned when Lucy rescued Peter from the train platform in While You Were Sleeping, only to find true love with his brother, Jack! I cried when Mr. Darcy declared his love to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. I must have watched Gilbert Blythe propose to Anne of Green Gables a thousand times. I am a sucker for anything romance!  

My own fairy tale abruptly ended when my husband’s “I do” became “I’m done.” He had fallen out of love with me. How could that be; that love was something you could fall in and out of as if it were a hammock?  

Over the following weeks and months, my heart was shattered. At the advice of a friend, I began to read Psalms. The Psalms were a healing balm. Through those pages, I began to see a picture of true love; the unconditional, forever kind that stays no matter what. That knowledge isn’t confined to that one book but is revealed in all sixty-six.  

I began to see a picture of true love; the unconditional, forever kind that stays no matter what.

Our church has started doing a program called, The One. It is a dramatic re-enactment of biblical scenes from creation to the Creator’s birth in Bethlehem. Though I knew the storyline of the Bible, somehow seeing it in living color with lights, sounds, and special effects made it more clear. God had a plan from the beginning. Adam was not the One…Noah was not the One…Abraham was not the One…Moses was not the One…David was not the One…only Jesus was the One. 

The One who was with God at the creation of the earth (John 1:1) came back to it in baby form to save creation from our sins. It’s the truest, most beautiful picture of love there could ever be. He created us, loves us, and wants to be with us forever, so He made a way to make that a reality for those who accept His gift of love. 

If only everyone could understand God’s great love for them. The trouble is getting them to “get it.” Some lines to an old hymn ring true for me: “I love to tell the story, ‘Twill be my theme in glory, To tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love.” Woven throughout the story of Scripture is the revelation of God’s love. Woven throughout your own story is that same love. 

Write out your story. See the ways God’s love weaves throughout it. 

Then tell your story and show others that the amazing love He has for all of humanity is the same love He has for you and them, too!

Kathy A. Hutto is a Christian mom and degreed educator with over twenty-five years of experience teaching and homeschooling. She has written over two hundred resources for kids and families. Her articles have appeared in Lifeway’s Journey magazines, Lifeway Kids, The Old Schoolhouse magazines, Christian Living in the Mature Years magazine, Guideposts, and more. She has appeared on popular Podcasts, including Wright Where You Are, Women Living Well, Coffee and Bible Time, and Schoolhouse Rocked. You can read more from Kathy at her website,

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