The Love of a Mother

Of all the ways that Jesus could have come into the world in human form, he was born of a mother. A simple, beautifully human woman. Having just celebrated Christmas, this thought suddenly flooded my head.

Instantly, I was catapulted back to my eight-year-old self. This 60-year-old man now standing in the shoes of a lost boy whose life was thrown on its head. A boy whose family went from riches to rags overnight. And one who painfully witnessed his mom and siblings suffer major hardships and seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

With prolonged trauma, hardship, and hopelessness over the next several years, I ran away at the ripe age of fifteen, just as I was entering my sophomore year of high school. As I relived the moment, my ricocheting thoughts spun to the image of my mom and the fearful, helpless look on her face. To the massive pain that I added to her already hard life–seeing her “baby,” the youngest of five, run headlong into the wilderness. She couldn’t stop me. No one could.

Several weeks later, my brother delivered an envelope to me with a message from Mom. Inside was a small card attached to a devotional scapular and wrapped in cellophane for safekeeping. It had a type-written message on it that read: “Dear Mark, please carry this in your wallet. . . The Blessed Mother is interceding, praying to Jesus, on your behalf, so please do me the favor of carrying this in your wallet. Love, Mom.” She had no emotional or physical strength left, but she had a gaze fixed on Jesus and never wavered in her faith. And, she had prayer, lots of prayer!

She had a gaze fixed on Jesus and never wavered in her faith.

To fast forward— for the next 40 years, I wandered in the wilderness and carried that message in my wallet. But more importantly, although unaware at the time, God put that message and Mom’s prayer on my heart. For four decades, through much recklessness, a few near-death experiences, and even many blessings, I searched for peace and purpose. Yet, I still resisted God and came up empty. Yet somehow, deep inside and through it all, I felt “connected” to the source of something profound and powerful.  

In a sudden and humorous “chance” encounter at the age of 55, I picked up a Bible for the first time and finally met the God who brought me into the light. I share this story for all the moms or lost children who may be facing a challenging season in life. The love of a mom, faith, and prayer will bear fruit. I’m living proof that God has an incredible sense of humor; He never abandons us, and it’s never too late.

For all the moms or lost children who may be facing a challenging season in life. The love of a mom, faith, and prayer will bear fruit.

Jesus said, “I am the Vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. . . If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.” John15:5, 7 (NKJV)

No matter how holy or divine one may be, God knows the love of a mom, and her nurturing and prayer of intercession are powerful to keep His branches connected to the Vine.

Mark A. Bannon is an author, mentor, and guide who is dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome life’s hardships, navigate challenges, and rise above the constant noise of the world. Drawing from his own journey of triumphing over hopelessness and discovering the life-altering gift of faith, Mark’s writings inspire readers through powerful storytelling and encouragement, while his mentorship provides tailored guidance for personal growth and resilience. Mark lives in Colorado with his loving wife Amy and has two grown children and a beautiful granddaughter. You can hear more from Mark on his website,, and order his debut book, The Boy from the Cave-A Soul-Stirring Journey from Hopelessnes to Faith.

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