It’s Still Enough

I barely recognize the young couple that decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They didn’t know much, but they loved each other and loved Jesus. They wanted their marriage to be a means of bringing God glory, and that was enough.

And as it turns out, it’s still enough.

I’ve had some feisty conversations about marriage recently. Marriage books are generally terrible, and most advice given about marriage is, at best, opinion and, at worst, damaging. Most issues discussed are tertiary and gloss over the foundational importance of a marriage centered around Christ.

You see, lack of date nights doesn’t break a marriage; sin does. “Keeping the flame alive” doesn’t make a marriage; seeking first the kingdom of God does.

Today, Robert and I are celebrating twelve years of marriage. It’s the grace of the Lord, and we are grateful. Robert makes it easy to follow his lead because I know he follows Jesus closely. Robert doesn’t treat me like a queen or belittle me as subservient; he loves me like Christ loves the church.

We look more like this picture now, and I recognize how we’ve aged. Our marriage has been a joy, and we’ve held our share of sorrow too. Last night, we laughed together and reiterated how much we enjoy being together. Then, I suddenly paused, and tears immediately filled my eyes. “We’ve had a sweet marriage, but we’ve also been through really hard things. I’m so glad that I’ve done it all with you.”

To know Robert is to love him. It is a privilege to be his bride, a joy to be his best friend, and an honor to serve the Lord by his side.

To read more about the Lord’s faithfulness in our marriage, visit The Early Years and For Better or Worse.

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