Oh, For Grace to Trust Him More

We have made some big announcements in the last two years. Announcements that have been life-changing for our family and have marked our community. The death of a daughter and another daughter’s birth have taken their place as the most pivotal moments in our lives over the last two years. Many of you have walked with our family through immense joy and sorrow; thank you.

It would seem we aren’t finished with big news, hopefully confirming that Christ is not finished with us yet. So today, our family gets to make another grand announcement.

The Lord has graciously opened the door for our family to move internationally. Robert has accepted a phenomenal job in the Middle East, and we will be moving this summer. Robert will have the opportunity to offer his skill set to a new clinic while practicing primary care sports medicine. He also has the privilege of learning from physicians from all over the globe. As a family, we look forward to the chance to experience another culture and expand our worldview. What a tremendous adventure for our children! The whole experience has happened quickly for us, but we know it is precisely in the Lord’s timing. We are incredibly excited about this new adventure and have great joy to see God’s plan for our family unfold.

As with most things in life, our joy mingles with deep sadness. We are sad to leave family and the community we have been a part of in Georgia. God has been exceedingly gracious in the relationships we have made and the tremendous people we have had the privilege to walk alongside.

We are also grieving; leaving the place that holds memories of Jane is hard. We will soon be selling our home and almost all our material possessions to consolidate and simplify before making such a significant move, and it isn’t easy. Many will say it is just a house, just stuff, which is true in the grand scheme of eternity. But to us, this house will always be so much more. It has been a gracious gift in our family’s life, enabling us to bring glory to God and, all the while, sanctifying us to look more like Jesus. We might be selling all of our things, but we aren’t selling memories. And if we’ve learned anything over the last two years, it’s to hold the things of this world loosely and cling tightly to Jesus.

Throughout life, God offers the opportunity to trust him. We have found our circumstances incredibly challenging in the last two years, but it has been easy to trust Jesus. I don’t wish suffering on others, and I certainly don’t love our loss, but to be forced to rely entirely on Jesus is one of the sweetest gifts. To know him, to trust him, and to so clearly see his glory through his presence and provision is an incredible blessing. Our move will be an adventure. It’s bittersweet, and it’s our next chapter. We find ourselves profoundly grateful for the chance to trust Him more.

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  1. Liz Martin says:

    So thankful love conquers all…even long distances. Our love and prayers will go with you.

  2. I’m first of all excited!!! I know that God has opened this door and will be walking with you through it, every step of the way!
    I’m second of all sad to see you go, but I’ll be coming along on this journey through prayer and keeping up with your newsletter.
    May God richly bless you and your family! Love you all so!

  3. Susie Brown says:

    You will be missed! But also envied to follow the Lord to a place that not many would go. Blessings and strength for you and your family.

    Susie Brown

  4. Donna Wright says:

    How exciting God has an adventure planned for you! I would like to tell you what an inspiration you are to me and others. I always look forward to your writings. God will surely bless and keep you and your family as you follow His will. Y’all will certainly be missed at Rosemont church and LaGrange! I’ll be keeping up with you through prayers and newsletters!

  5. Nicole Kennedy says:

    PROFOUNDLY GRATEFUL FOR THE CHANCE TO TRUST HIM MORE! Love it! I am so excited for you all! We will miss you, but know that the Lord has MIGHTY plans for the Martins. I look forward to reading your monthly newsletter and being a part of your ministry through prayer! Nicole Kennedy

  6. Lena Wheeler says:

    Lena Wheeler
    Hi Casey. I have never meet you & only seen your husband a couple of times in his office. Right away we had kindred spirit for the love of Jesus. You just know when you meet a new brother or sister in the Lord. I was in there this week & ask about Dr. Martin & they gave me this info to follow you guys. What an amazing story of seeking God first & His love & care for your family. I am very excited for your new adventure with Him. I will be praying for you & your family.
    I will be praying for your family. I definitely would live to see how your new adventures unfolds.

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