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September 28, 2020

Few people realize or know that before my career in motherhood I had a very brief career as a Registered Nurse. School wasn’t my favorite, but I knew it was a means to the end. The end being a career that would achieve financial independence. So in high school, when choosing a future vocation and […]

Recognizing the Miracle

September 10, 2020

The days are busy and the to do list never seems to get smaller. My laundry is piled high and my grief is still heavy. Next week will mark three years since I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. That day is also known as Jane’s birthday. It’s looming on the calendar and I […]

Living for the Wrong Year

August 15, 2020

Tis the season for late summer rain. The kind of intense rain that pops up out of nowhere in the midst of full sunlight. It is both beautiful and can instantly ruin any outdoor event. One of the best parts of summer showers are the almost guaranteed rainbows that accompany them. Lately, I’ve noticed several […]

Missing the Rainbows

July 29, 2020

“I’m exhausted.” It’s a phrase that has been uttered numerous times in the last three weeks. Being overwhelmed and feeling like “it’s all just too much” has unfortunately become a familiar feeling. I sat with my three biggest children this morning, tears still fresh on my cheeks, apologizing for losing my temper. I explained that […]

When It Feels Like Too Much

June 29, 2020

Exactly six months ago I was sitting in the kitchen when Robert came inside to inform me that he thought Jane had broken her leg. She wasn’t crying, but she looked mad and inconvenienced. The next day we took her to Robert’s clinic where an Xray confirmed that she had, in fact, fractured her leg […]

Be Content

June 23, 2020

Many years ago, before having children, I picked up a new hobby in the form of sewing. It was slow going at first and I still don’t claim any expertise. With the arrival of children, my sewing has focused predominantly on bibs, burb cloths and children’s clothes. I don’t sew as much as I once […]

The Packed Cannot Be Carried

June 18, 2020

Two years ago, on my 30th birthday, I told Robert that I wanted to write a book before I turned 40. He smiled, skeptical and encouragingly, and asked what kind of book I planned to write. I didn’t have a solid answer. I thought a cookbook would be fun, maybe even a Bible study or […]

The Story I Didn’t Want

June 12, 2020

I have been convicted of many things since the loss of my daughter. My priorities, namely, became a glaring problem. My own comfort, happiness and selfishness are too high on the list of importance. I have been silent on many things in my life because it was uncomfortable, because I didn’t want to hurt feelings […]

Silence is Loud

May 26, 2020

A couple of days ago I opened my calendar to write down some upcoming appointments. I haven’t used or even looked at my calendar in months, there has been nothing coming up and nothing to remember. Robert asked how many weeks pregnant I was and I replied that I thought I was 32 weeks or […]

I’m Not Ready

May 21, 2020

We took our vows seriously on our wedding day, and we have every day since. Our vows were long. I remember looking through the proposed vow options in the packet given to us by our church. I couldn’t decide, Robert liked them all and so we combined them. There was something of the traditional, for […]

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