The Joy and Sorrow of Father’s Day

I’m 34 years old and have had a tremendous and loving earthly father for the entirety of my life. It isn’t lost on me that it is an immense privilege that I still have him here on this earth with me. Twelve years ago, I received a father-in-law. He is a gift to me in many ways, namely that he has fathered my husband in ways that honor the Lord and also that he has welcomed me as a daughter. I’m grateful. Ten years ago, I had the honor of seeing my father become a grandfather; it is a sweet role that he has welcomed with grace and gratitude. When my husband became a father, I wasn’t surprised at how well the role suited him. Not because he is without flaw, but because he relies on the perfect One.

The Joy and Sorrow of Fatherhood

I’ve watched the fathers in my life live with joy and love others well. I’ve seen those same fathers lay to rest their fathers, walking with grief and gratitude for the legacies left. I witnessed my husband bury his child and shepherd his other children with love and grace. The role of fatherhood is a lofty calling.

Father’s Day can be a challenging day for so many. There can often be sorrow, loneliness, and disappointment; it can be bitter because it has the potential to be very sweet. I pray that no matter how this day feels, it will point you to your heavenly Father.

If you are grateful for your dad, know that he is a good gift from your heavenly Father. Perhaps you miss your dad; know that your heavenly Father is near. Maybe you long for the dad you never had or are bitter towards the dad who has hurt you; know that your heavenly Father is good and loving, and there is forgiveness and fulfillment in him. If your hopes of fatherhood have been unmet in some way, our heavenly Father is faithful, and he is the source of all hope. And if you woke up this morning broken because your children don’t have a dad, know that your heavenly Father is enough, and He has a good plan for your daughters and sons.

The Good Father Now and Forever

One day all things will be made new, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with the fathers in my life. But today, it’s ok to have grief and joy because we share a loving Father who will hold our tears and lavish us with his love today and for all eternity.

  1. Marcie says:

    What a beautiful and precious hope we have that all things will be made new! Thank you for sharing your sweet message.

  2. Joy B says:

    This is an awesome post as are all of yours are. Prayers for your amazing family and I truly do miss you but know that God is with you and will NEVER leave you.

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